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Welcome to SpeakWell.

SpeakWell Business English is dedicated to helping professionals reach their English for business goals. SpeakWell is also for those studying English as a second language (ESL) to elevate their English for everyday use in an increasingly global world.

While our online English courses and services are pay as you go, access to the blog and the resources and ideas shared here, is absolutely free. Subscribe to stay up to date with weekly articles, news and updates!

Through our blog we aim to share interesting and relevant resources that can be used by business professionals to help reach their english for business goals. Here we hope to keep you inspired through stories, connected to the latest language insights and ideas, up to date with the news that affects us all as language learners and business professionals.

1. Sharing Stories

Brown book page. Stories are one way we can promote fluency at SpeakWell Business English
Language is for stories. Discover more stories with SpeakWell Business English

What is language for? It is for sharing our stories.

Learning through stories is highly motivating, it provides learners with an interesting and real world application of the target language in a recognisable and relatable context.

Stories are for us the most interesting part of language and we hope that by sharing stories we can help motivate and inspire your English journey, as well as provide new language in an accessible context. We hope to share not only our own stories but the stories of our students and the world at large.

SpeakWell Business English is at its core a service for professionals and so we will aim to set our stories in the business and professional arena to help promote fluency and comprehension for business English.

2. Sharing Language Learning Insights

People sharing ideas. Sharing insights is a powerful way to build fluency at SpeakWell Business English
At SpeakWell Business English we share what we learn together

As English teachers, almost daily, a student will ask us questions that makes us pause to consider.

Like all languages, English is a complex system and one that is ever changing . As a native speaker, most of the rules (and exceptions to the rules) are so ingrained that one rarely has the opportunity to pause and wonder why some things are the way that they are. Until a student asks.

Our English is not perfect, we are always learning and always improving. As we learn together, we will endeavor to share the insights we find most fascinating and most helpful along the way. By sharing these insights we can grow our knowledge together and fast track our Business for English goals.

3. Sharing News

A young woman shouts through a microphone. Sharing the news is one way to promote language at SpeakWell Business English
Stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the world of ESL and SpeakWell Business English

This blog will a place to share news about the website, Business English, teaching and learning English as a foreign language and the world at large.

Learning is easiest when we are interested in the topic we are learning about. Interesting news generates genuine interest, we can discover this news together. We will share news from around the world. Particularly we will share news from the business world in simple easy to read English. Develop fluency, business vocabulary and comprehension skills by tuning into the world of business and English learning news as brought to you by SpeakWell Business English.


If you have a question about our blog or the SpeakWell Business English online school? Perhaps you have comment of an idea for a new article? We would love to hear from you, please let us know in the comments section below!

Welcome to SpeakWell Business English. Thanks for joining us on this journey of learning, education and discovery, we look forward to working with you soon!

The SpeakWell Team

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