6 Easy Ways to Improve Professional English Communication

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If you are looking to improve professional English communication for the workplace or career start with these simple tips to start building good habits!


There is no magic formula (unfortunately). However, with regular and dedicated practice you can improve grammar, construction, and vocabulary for business English. Gradually you will improve professional English communication.

Practice the English tasks that you regularly have to do as part of your job. Send emails to yourself and reply to them. Practice running meetings in English. Rehearse giving speeches in English. Practice conducting interviews in English. Read news articles in English every day, especially articles that relate to your job to improve industry-specific vocabulary.

There is an idiom in English, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Nothing can prepare you better than consistent, dedicated practice to improving your English for business.

Use Spell Check Software

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Use software to check fluency and accuracy to improve professional English communication

Spell checkers are computer programs that can identify errors in your spelling, grammar, and more. Modern-day spell checkers are very sophisticated and go beyond making sure words are spelled correctly. Today’s software can correct grammar and even the tone of communication. Run your emails, speeches, letters, and any other business communication through spelling and grammar checking software to improve professional English communication.

Grammarly is a popular spell checker that can also check for grammar, fluency, clarity, conciseness, tone, and much more.

Work With a Coach

If you are preparing for an important business meeting, a speech, or an interview it may be useful to get a professional coach or tutor to help you work on your communication. Professional English tutors, especially those who specialize in business English, can be a wise investment when a promotion, new job, big meeting, or public speech is at stake. Tutors can help you prepare English communications, they can help you polish and improve your existing communications, or they can help you identify problems and weak points.

Learn Your Greetings

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‘Hello, how do you do?’ Practice greetings to improve professional English communication

The first impression we make is often the most important. But, knowing how to begin is also often the hardest part of business communication. Make sure you have a list of greetings and openers at your disposal for written and spoken communication. Learn about appropriate ways to begin formal communication at work for any given scenario. Practice making small talk and transitioning into the main topic.

Prepare Your Signoffs

While a first impression may be the most powerful, the last impression is very important too! Get confident using standard signoffs for written and spoken communication. Make sure you understand how to conclude your conversations appropriately for a given recipient. You could start by learning how to end telephone conversations.

Work on Your Weak Spots

Is there a particular part of your professional English communication that you struggle with? Target these problem areas systematically by identifying them and addressing them one by one.

When you have identified a weak point in your communication, write down a list of helpful expressions for different scenarios and practice using them as much as possible. You could begin by practicing useful phrases for business communication.


That’s all from me for today. Signing off and wishing you all the best in the world of English for business!

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Don’t forget to practice, practice, practice to improve professional English communication


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