25 Useful and Common Abbreviations for Business English

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Abbreviations for Business English are hard to remember at the best of times. If English is not your first language, abbreviations can be especially confusing. Here are some of the most popular workplace abbreviations and business acronyms used in offices all around the world every day.

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Interpreting documents can be easier with a knowledge of abbreviations for business English


Account or Accounts

It could also be used to abbreviate accounting, accountant or accounting department.


As Soon as Possible

This popular english abbreviation is used in written or in spoken English to indicate that a reply or action is urgent.



This business English abbreviation is used at the top of documents to identify the intended recipient.


Business to Business

B2B refers to transaction between companies.


Business to Consumer

B2C refers to transactions directly between business and consumer.

cc / bcc

Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy

Used in email to send a copy of the email to someone other than the recipient to who the email is addressed. Bcc means a copy is sent but the email address the recipient is concealed.


Cheif Executive Officer.

The highest-ranking officer in a company or business. Other executive title abbreviations include CFO – Chief Financial Officer. COO – Chief Operations Officer. CIO – Chief Information Officer.


Close of Business

This abbreviation is used to indicate the end of the business day and is usually used as a deadline. Generally, COB is thought to be 5 pm. EOB – end of business, and EOD – end of day, are sometimes used as well.

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Trying to work out abbreviations for business English can be a headache. Luckily we have rounded up some of the most common.



Credit has different definitions in banking, accounting and general business.



Debit has has different definitions in banking, accounting and general business.


Estimated Time of Arrival

The time at which someone or something is scheduled or due to arrive.


For Your Information

This abbreviation is used to draw attention to some piece of information. Originally used in written communication, today, it is sometimes used in spoken English as well.


Human Resources

This business abbreviation is the designation for an organization’s human resources department which handles the administration of employees.


In My Opinion

An abbreviation most commonly used in informal written communication to indicate that some information is a personal view rather than fact.


Initial Public Offering

An IPO is the process by which a private company offers shares in the company to the public.


Key Performance Indicator

Metrics used to evaluate operations.

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Make sure you are ready for meetings by ensuring you are familiar with abbreviations for business English


Month-on-month / Month-over-Month

Comparison of financial (or other figures) from one month to the next.


Out of Office.

This business acronym is often used with auto email reply to indicate you are not in the office and not currently attending to work-related tasks or emails.


Price to Earnings Ratio

Used by investors to evaluate share prices. This ratio shows the relationship between a company’s share price and a company’s income.


Profit and Loss Statement

Shows a company’s revenue and expenses over a given period.


Public Relations

The management of communication between a company and the public.


Research and Development Department.

The department of a business involved in the development of new products and services.



A measurement of the gain or loss of an investment relative to its cost.


Search Engine Optimization.

The practice of improving website visibility to search engines to increase and improve website traffic.


Year-on-year / Year-over-year.

Comparison of financial (or other figures) from one year to the next.



The period between the beginning of the calendar or fiscal year and the current date.


Hopefully, you found this list of common business acronyms helpful! If you have a question or a comment about these abbreviations for business English, let us know below!


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