12 Amazing Benefits of Learning Business English

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Learning a language has many great benefits. We open ourselves up to new conversations, new people, and new ways of thinking. Learning a new language also allows us to develop our skills and sharpen our minds.

But what are the specific benefits of learning Business English? As the language of global business knowing how to effectively communicate in English in a professional context is a powerful and important skill. Moreover, business English is becoming more and more important in the increasingly connected business world.

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing benefits of learning business English.

1. Learning Business English Can Help Advance Your Career

man and woman across a table shaking hands. Interviews and career advancement are one of the benefits of learning business English
Getting a leg up in your career is one of the benefits of learning business English. Photo by fauxels.

As the most commonly spoken language in the world and the lingua franca of business, it’s no wonder why more and more employers in non-English speaking countries want their employees to speak business English.

As businesses continue to expand across borders, the ability to communicate in English continues to grow in value to employers.

Moreover, the level at which employees are expected to speak English is also on the rise. Savvy employers recognize that to put themselves ahead of the competition, their staff need to be able to win customers, dazzle clients and deal effectively with their international counterparts.

By arming yourself, not just with the ability to speak English, but a mastery of English for Business communication, you are giving yourself the best opportunity, to give yourself an edge in competitive job markets.

2. Developing English for Business Can Help You do Your Job More Effectively

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Becoming more capable is another of the benefits of learning business English. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

When you know more, you can do more.

Whatever your job, the ability to speak English in a business setting will open doors in a way few other skills can. Having the ability to communicate with people across the world in the language of business will mean you have access to far greater resources and support than those who cannot communicate as effectively in English.

Mastering English for Business will give you the ability to leverage English resources to better perform your job. You can harness the power of third-party resources, advisors, research, and analysis. You will be able to engage international colleagues and experts in your sector from around the globe. With a solid grasp of business English, you will have the ability to run meetings, manage discussions, give and conduct interviews without needing to defer to English-speaking colleagues to handle these tasks.

3. Professional Business English can Help You Win More Clients and Customers

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Winning over customers and client is one of the obvious benefits of learning business English. Photo by Ivan Samkov.

Speaking business English won’t just help you impress employers, it will also help you win more business. potential customers and clients will be pleased to know you are able to communicate effectively in business English.

More and more people want to know that the professionals they engage are positioned to do the best possible job for them and that means they should be able to communicate effectively in the language of business. Additionally, people want assurances that the experts that represent their interests are plugged into the wider global conversation in their sector.

4. English Can Help You Market Your Business to The World

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Effective marketing, on of the 12 benefits of learning business English. Photo by Negative Space.

The ability to run marketing and public relations campaigns in English cannot be understated. When the majority of websites and media outlets servicing the business world are in English your business can greatly benefit from an online presence in English.

Increase exposure, traffic and business overnight by opening the doors to your organization to over 1.3 billion English speaker.

5. Better Business English Can Help You Negotiate Better

crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign
Mastering negotiations another of the benefits of learning business English. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

Negotiation is a part of everyday life in the corporate world. Between customers, suppliers, clients, and colleagues the art of reaching an agreement is an essential part of business. However, if we can’t effectively communicate in business English we are already at a disadvantage. Even the perception that communication will be difficult can negatively affect negotiation before it has begun. The ability to persuade, convince and negotiate in English is an important tool for anyone operating in the world of international business.

6. Business English Can Help You Expand Your Business

photo of person using laptop
Expansion is a one of the many benefits of learning business English. Photo by fauxels

Today’s world is smaller than ever before and national borders have less bearing on business than in the past. For a company to thrive it needs to have its sights set on a global market. to cross borders you’ll need to be able to effectively wield the world’s language of business. Reach competitors, allies, partners, customers, clients, and colleagues with effective command of business English. In this way, you can position yourself and your business as a player on a global stage.

7. Improving Your Business for English Can Help You Build Your Network

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Networking is another of the benefits of learning business English. Photo by fauxels.

The power of networking has long been understood to underpin many strategies of effective business and professional advancement. Being able to establish and nurture long-term and mutually beneficial relationships will put you in good stead to take advantage of new opportunities, and thwart challenges. By expanding your network beyond one language, and leveraging the language of global business, you can access and utilize a far larger network.

8. Access More Talent

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Talent acquisition, a benefit of learning business English. Photo by hitesh choudhary.

As the digital world connects us to the global community, we have the opportunity to choose employees and contractors from a far larger pool of talent than ever before. Give yourself and your business an edge when it comes to getting the right person for the right job by accessing a global talent pool, not just what’s available locally.

The rise of the internet has seen the proliferation of cross-border business engagements. Previously, we needed our accountant, IT specialists, and marketing team to all work in the same building as us, now it is commonplace to choose employees or professional services from anywhere on the planet, provided that they are cost-effective, productive and of course that we can find and communicate with them.

9. Understanding Business English Can Give You Greater Access to Information

Deepen your understanding and get the benefits of learning business English. Photo by Lukas

Learning English with giving you the keys to a wealth of knowledge and news. Be on the cutting edge of your industry by understanding what is happening in your sector around the world. Gain access to academic research, forums, conferences, and international news by developing a thorough understanding of business English. Stay up to date and informed about global issues that affect your industry and tap into a global network of information and news services published in English.

10. Learning English Can Give You New Ways to Think

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Creativity is a side effect of studying language. Photo by Pixabay.

Learning another language gives you the tools to think in new and creative ways. English can unlock the door to new ways to think about, describe and solve problems. With a greater access to words and concepts across multiple languages the ability to form new connections and generate more complex and novel ideas increases.

Moreover, in the fast paced world of business, new words are added to the language daily. As the majority of the business world operates in English, many new ideas and concepts are named in English first, utilizing English compound nouns, phrasal nouns or perhaps acronyms based on English words. These words and concepts are often incorporated directly into other languages. By mastering business English, you can remain ahead of the newest ideas and concepts.

11. Learning Languages Improves Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive function is one of the many benefits of learning business English. Photo by Los Muertos Crew.

Learning language builds problem solving abilities, and memory. The learning process helps us develop our capacity for focus and attention and increases our mental alertness. Learning English stretches our mental muscle. This is an important benefit for professionals who want to stay on top of their game in a global and competitive workforce.

12. Learning Business English Encourages Us to Think Globally

person holding terrestrial globe scale model taken
A global mindset is among the top benefits of learning business English. Photo by Artem Beliaikin.

When we think or speak in English or any other second language we are more frequently prompted to consider the diversity of people around the world. In addition, people that are multilingual are more often in touch with the global community. People who have access to a second language, and particularly the English language may experience more exposure to international colleagues or media. In a business context, this global mindset can foster a deeper understanding of other cultures, ideologies, norms and attitudes which can give us an advantage in the business world.

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